Luxury travel articles—hotel reviews, city guides, media tours—featured on the JustLuxe website. The articles highlight several boutique and global brands, including Marriott, Noble House Hotels & Resorts, Omni Hotels & Resorts, and Audi. JustLuxe’s audience is a fairly affluent (or aspirationally affluent), aged 25-50, with a taste for the finer things.

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The goals of these article vary, but overall, each article is meant to promote a brand or destination (or both). This means sometimes working with the brand’s PR team to find out their specific goals.

The goods: 800-1600 word articles with photos (sometimes self-shot, sometimes from the PR) and additional copy and photos for accompanying social posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

The strategy: When writing these articles, I like to embody the brand’s personality, values, and goals while still writing for JL’s readers—making the content fun, conversational, and engaging. The articles have a flow to them—taking the reader on through all the features of the brand, destination, hotel, etc.; for example, an article about a hotel isn’t just about the amenities, but how to take advantage of them (and some off-property attractions too) for an unforgettable stay. For the most part, the articles are written in shorter paragraphs and broken up with photos, to make it easier to digest and read online.

The extra: Tons of personality. These articles are fun to write, and I think that’s conveyed in the copy. This works out wonderfully on brand’s/PR’s end—fun, engaging content, that makes their brand sparkle.