Wrote content for and helped design the website and sales page for the Metamorphosis Mom Box, a monthly subscription box for empty-nester moms. In addition, I started managing the brand’s Instagram account as well.

The goal in writing and building the website was to communicate the value—the items included in each month’s box, the community, the potential for life-changing perspectives—and make it simple for the target audience to navigate and subscribe. More than just products, the box’s value includes mindset shifts, which can improve the subscriber’s mental and even physical health. There’s an inspirational theme every month (‘self-care,’ ‘reset,’ ‘balance’) that encourages moms to prioritize theirselves, and become stronger and more confident.

The goods: Website copy and imagery suggestions; copy was broken up into sections (along with detailed notes) to make it easier for the designer to build out.

The strategy: The MMBox isn’t the cheapest subscription box on the market, so it was important to convey its value.

  • I made sure to use words like, “luxury,” “inspired,” “joy,” and “special” to paint a picture of what the box entails.
  • I broke up the copy with CTA buttons; so it was kind of a pattern of ‘benefit-benefit-buy.’
  • I made sure there was a very clear explanation for how the subscription works, taking away some of the confusion or fear the buyer may have.
  • Overall, the content focused on the feelings it would evoke, leaning heavily on a pathos appeal.

The extra: Found additional elements like icons to use to complement the copy. Suggested that the owner—who’s also the face of the brand—create a video to go along with the content and explain her mission (this works well because it introduces her to her buyers, so they get to know her and hopefully trust her). And convinced her to purchase a domain to change the URL—originally it was a long Leadpages URL, which was incongruent with the brand.