Redesigned and built a website for a local cupcakery. I worked with the client to create a more streamlined menu and page options, and then wrote all the content, including helping name and organize the cupcakes (products). Then created the site from scratch using Squarespace.



Created content, design, and build out for a small, local cupcake business website. We met in-person to discuss site objectives and goals, and preferred aesthetics (which were all things spooooky Halloween).

The goal in rewriting the content for the new site was to make it easy for the customer to order, while conveying the baker/owner’s personality. Ordering from Mad Flour is a unique experience.

The goods: A streamlined Squarespace website with personality, that accomplishes the goal of increased sales and orders.

The strategy: On the original site, the cupcake flavors and add-ons all had different names, making the ordering process confusing (i.e., vanilla cake was called ‘monster brains,’ chocolate frosting was called ‘swamp mud’). I convinced the owner to create a pre-made cupcake menu (where cake, frosting, fillings, add-ons were already matched), and to use the fun, Halloween-inspired names there. Then, keep the cupcake elements simple for custom orders. This made it easier for customers to take control of the ordering process for specific flavors, or rely on the expertise of the baker for pre-assembled treats.

The extra: On top of the website design and copy, I also revamped the Mad Flour logo to make it cleaner (the original had the cupcake design on top of a spider web), and created simple graphics for the site—such as Morticia Addams and the Bride of Frankenstein holding a Mad Flour cupcake.