Rewrote site copy and worked with web team (designers + engineers) to redesign AZCREI’s website. Additionally, researched and wrote 2-4 blog posts per month addressing patients’ and potential patients’ concerns, questions, and needs.

The goal in the website revamp was to make the content easier to digest and more user friendly. We wanted users to be able to easily navigate the website to find the info they needed as well as help them build trust in the clinic’s abilities and experience. Patients dealing with infertility are already stressed and dealing with high emotions, and enabling them with the info they need hopefully gives them confidence and eases the their anxiety and confusion.

The goods: Delivered more than two dozen pages of website copy as well as 90+ (and counting) blog articles explaining AZCREI’s services, successes, and ability to help patients realize their dreams of having a baby.

The strategy: Infertility and endocrinology can be complicated subjects; when writing the copy, I kept the user—in this case, patients—in mind. I wanted topics to be easy to find and patients’ potential questions to be easily answered (through articles and pages or via the contact page); to do this, I made sure all technical terms and ideas were simplified and well-explained and broke up each page or article with headers, so users could scan for information and get the answers they needed. It was also important to write copy to be inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community and families.

View the (current version of the) website here.

View blog post samples and directory here.