Researched and wrote a 21-page Black Book: Blogs, a guide that was included in the bonus material in Pam Hendrickson’s Content Crash Course.

See an excerpt of the Black Book here.

The goal of the Black Book was to offer added value to Pam Hendrickson’s online course. I took an ginormous load of information (everything the Internet had to offer on blogs and blogging), and made it easy for students to understand and digest. Breaking up the content into smaller chunks, with subsections and graphic elements made the content less daunting and more approachable, accomplishing the goal of providing value to Pam’s students (since they could take this content and confidently put the information into action).

The goods: A 21-page white page with information that complemented Pam’s course lessons and other content.

The extra: Added in design notes (for icons, boxed-out copy, graphic inclusions, etc.) to help guide the designer in putting it all together.